Website/Video du Jour 5/16

Website/Video du Jour 5/16

One of two videos of the day (Today AND Thursday) Wed., 5/16-Thurs. 5/17 – DragonBoat Races

One of two website(s) of the day ( ” ” ) – One Man’s Journey to Discover the Lost Tribe of “Chief Draggin’ Bote”
One Man’s Journey to Discover Lost Tribe of “Chief ‘Draggin’ Bote'”!
– a brief look at the long, journey, from the distant mountains of the mystery-shrouded lands of “Sekwuatchee” down, down to the shores of mythical “Lake Chickamauga” (literal translation being “Lake of Death”) to see for himself if the rumors were true concerning this bizarre, tribal competition…all to see who earns the most favorable position in this annual ritual which boils down…in our language, roughly, to…’the offering up sacrificial givings to the ‘Children of the Future'”.  To my amazement…the legends were true.  And the tribes gather again THIS Saturday, May, 18, 2018…8am-2pm…at the Dam Recreation Park.  See for yourselves!


Second video – In advance of upcoming Memorial weekend’s “Women’s Fly-In Festival” at Lookout Mtn. Flight Park.

Not connected to the event beyond simply adding some extra sizzle to your major hanggliding event, a spot indigenous to and 100% associated with our region.  Just lifting up the sport in general.

– The Best Sport


site du jour – site for “LMFP”



Site/Vid du Jour 6/12

website of the day – The local LGBTQ community’s Candlelight Vigil will be held tonight at City Hall at 7:30pm.  This is their organization’s main site. video of the day – Tn. woman caught on video, releasing her kids from a car dog crate.  She’s facing charges.

Site/Vid du Jour 6/6

Site/Vid du Jour 6/6

video – phone camera footage of massive flooding at Nantahala Outdoor Center.  This is video of death in fast water.   twin sites –   2nd video – My son’s epic adventure in China/Mongolia produced 18 Go Pro videos.  This one concentrates solely on the mind-blowing light show he attended.