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5A-6A                    AMERICA IN THE MORNING

6A-10A                 THE MORNING PRESS

9A-12P                  THE CHRIS PLANTE SHOW

12P-3P                  RUSH LIMBAUGH

3P-6P                    THE SAVAGE NATION

6P-9P                    MARK LEVIN

9P-10P                  FREE TALK LIVE

10P-1A                  JOHN BATCHELOR

1A-5A                    RED EYE RADIO



5A-6A                    RED EYE RADIO

6A-8A                    FRONT LINES ON FREEDOM

10A-1P                  KIM KOMMANDO

1P-4P                    WATCHDOG ON WALL STREET

4P-7P                    THE TOME SULLIVAN SHOW

7P-10P                  FREE TALK LIVE

10P-1A                  THE JIM BOHANNON SHOW



1A-6A                    RED EYE RADIO

6A-6:30A              CONVERSATION PIECE

6:30A-8A              DAYBREAK USA

8A-11A                 WATCHDOG ON WALLSTREET

11A-2P                  THE TOM SULLIVAN SHOW

2P-4P                    FRONT LINES ON FREEDOM

4P-5P                    FAT GUYS AT THE MOVIES

5P-6P                    NOW IT’S THE NEWS

6P-7P                    LEGENDS OF SUCCESS

7P-10P                  FREE TALK LIVE

10P-1A                  STERLING ON SUNDAY

1A-5A                    RED EYE RADIO


Site/Vid du Jour 6/12

website of the day – The local LGBTQ community’s Candlelight Vigil will be held tonight at City Hall at 7:30pm.  This is their organization’s main site. https://www.cityofequality.org/ video of the day – Tn. woman caught on video, releasing her kids from a car dog crate.  She’s facing charges.  https://twitter.com/FOXNashville/status/1005971200059887619

Site/Vid du Jour 6/6

Site/Vid du Jour 6/6

video – phone camera footage of massive flooding at Nantahala Outdoor Center.  This is video of death in fast water.   twin sites – riverbendfestival.com riverfrontnights.com   2nd video – My son’s epic adventure in China/Mongolia produced 18 Go Pro videos.  This one concentrates solely on the mind-blowing light show he attended.