Video du Jour 05/26

Video du Jour 05/26

video of the day –

Get used to the sight of them.  They’ll be buzzing all over town by the end of the summer:

Watch on a large screen, if possible.

Dim Lights.  Give yourself permission to take 7 minutes out of your busy day to watch this once all the way through.

Click it over to “full screen”.  Turn it up loud.


at 4:43…the video transforms.

​   the gravel (at real-time speed) at the North Chick trail makes a return visit…and new music is brought up that picks

   up the pace and “uplift” level.

i removed some rougher sections of trail and overland and replaced them with the overall “utility” shot of my picking up my kayak and carrying it on the board to the put in (brief shot of me in water to show the end result) at

– 5:45.