Radio Ranch Renovation

The famous Radio Ranch at 821 Pineville Road is growing and expanding calling for a much-needed Radio Ranch Renovation.  We are partnering with several great local Chattanooga businesses to complete our transformation.  From painting to flooring, drywall to electrical, and of course décor, the stations will be new and fresh in just a few months.  Follow our progress as these local businesses change the way our stations look after over 40 years in this building.

Certapro Painters of Chattanooga
 is our first partner as we tear down wallpaper and get freshly painted walls.  Nick Murray, local franchisee and his right-hand man for commercial paint jobs, Michael Stewart have been hands on in getting the painting started.  We are excited to see their work.

Before Pictures

Conference Room
Where ideas come to life.

Production Offices
Creative writing area

Upper Hallway
Lots of sports memorabilia up here.

Stairway Hallway
Many great dress shoes have traveled here.

Stairway To Heaven
This is the only exercise some un-named employees get.

Executive Offices
Big decisions are made here.

Front Lobby
Listeners and guest are greeted here.

Walls of Fame
First impressions are made here.


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