House GOP Bill Seeks to Restore Congress’ Immigration Authority

House GOP Bill Seeks to Restore Congress’ Immigration Authority

A House GOP member from Montana who has sought to challenge the settlement of unvetted Afghanistan refugees in his state is leading legislation to bring the authority of immigration back to Congress, which he said has been usurped by the Biden administration.

The Secure America Act written by Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., seeks to give Congress the sole authority on raising the yearly refugee limit, give state governors the authority to reject federal refugees, strengthen vetting protocols before refugees arrive, and stop the Department of Homeland Security from abusing parole for illegals that ostensibly serves a catch-and-release policy that can grant a temporary work permit.

“We have experienced an overwhelming number of unvetted aliens from one hundred and twenty-three nations entering our country with the absence of a proper vetting process,” Rosendale wrote in a statement to announce the bill. “That is a recipe for disaster. We need to know if these people are likely to assimilate and contribute to our country. This legislation would put the proper parameters in place to ensure we do just that.”

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