Napolitano to Newsmax: Ruling Destroys NYC’s Economy

Napolitano to Newsmax: Ruling Destroys NYC's Economy

Napolitano to Newsmax: Ruling Destroys NYC’s Economy

The precedent set by New York Judge Arthur Engoron, in his rule to fine former President Donald Trump $454 million for what the banks themselves claimed was a victimless crime, will destroy New York City’s economy, retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano told Newsmax.

Speaking with “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” on Monday over Trump’s civil fraud case, Napolitano explains that Engoron’s ruling, if left “undisturbed by the appellate courts, will do more damage to the rule of law and to New York City’s basic economic life than anything Trump could have done by the so-called exaggerations about [his] real estate.”

Alluding that Engoron’s decision leaves open the question of political persecution, the retired New Jersey judge exclaimed that “the state is trying to steal, I’ll repeat it — steal — $450 million from Trump and his family; the worst act of government theft in the modern era, maybe the worst in American history.”

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