Pentagon Report Finds No ‘Attempt to Obfuscate’ by Austin

Pentagon Report Finds No 'Attempt to Obfuscate' by Austin

Pentagon Report Finds No ‘Attempt to Obfuscate’ by Austin

A Pentagon report on the hospitalization of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the temporary transfer of authority during that time found nothing to indicate “ill intent or an attempt to obfuscate,” officials or the public.

The review, which was conducted by the director of the Office of Administration and Management, notes that Austin’s staff was restricted “in three significant ways” during his hospitalization due to complications from a procedure to treat prostate cancer.

“First, medical privacy laws prohibited medical providers from candid sharing of medical information with the Secretary’s staff,” the review stated. “Second, for privacy reasons, his staff were hesitant to pry or share any information that they did learn. Third, the Secretary’s medical situation remained in flux and as long as he remained in the Critical Care Unit, timely secured communications could not be assured.”

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