Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh


Rush Limbaugh, 12:00n-3:00p, is a way of life for over twenty million avid and devoted listeners. For three hours every day this comic conservative of the airwaves with “talent on loan from God” entertains, provokes and persuades friends and enemies alike in a no-holds-barred show that is one of the biggest draws in radio history.

Rush Limbaugh has been one of Talk radio’s most popular hosts since his coast-to-coast launch in 1988. Why? An engaging combination of charm, wit, intellect, and timing!

When Stages Magazine asked, “Who do you trust?” readers chose Rush Limbaugh second only to Oprah Winfrey. Rush listeners are generally persons looking for information from someone they have come to know and trust on the airwaves.

Rush began his broadcast career early. It started at age 10, when he used to do “broadcasts” to his family from a walkie-talkie in his room. Years later, he dropped out of college to pursue a career as a DJ in Kansas City. Although he was not immediately successful, his passion to succeed in radio has never let him give up. Over the years he has propelled himself to where he is today: the most listened-to talk show host in America.

Rush talks about all the hot topics–politics, family, health, education, and global issues. He tells his listeners how he feels and–how they should feel–about these items, and they love it. Boasting that he has, “the toughest call-screeners in radio,” calls to the Rush Limbaugh Show provide sheer entertainment for his audience, whether the caller agrees with him or not. As a member of the “new media,” his views are thorough and rational. His policy is to learn the facts before he reaches conclusions and, ultimately, takes a position on an issue.

In the earlier years, his raw views and provocative subject matters scared advertisers. The ones who stayed on board–companies such as Snapple, CompuServe, and The American Spectator–reaped the benefits. The Spectator has tripled its circulation since their campaign on Rush’s show.